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How to Make a Tiny Kitchen Feel Larger Than Life

Nov 16

The tiny house movement is drawing more people to live in smaller rooms. You can either purchase a tiny home kit or transform an old shipping container into your home. A small kitchen can be integrated into a small house. It is necessary to be a small kitchen design expert if you want to maximize your space.


On the other hand certain people are required to work in small areas because they don't have enough space to have the kitchen. No matter how small or huge your kitchen is you have, there are numerous ways to maximize space. In the end, you'll want to enjoy your time in your kitchen space without feeling cramped.


These are some ideas to make the most of small remodeling contractor Albuquerque.


1. Concentrate on the function


Focus on function first to ensure that your compact kitchen design is functional and meets your needs. Begin by making sure you have the necessary kitchen appliances as well as working areas.


If huge appliances are an issue, think about using reduced-sized appliances to cut down on space. These smaller appliances include compact microwaves and refrigerator drawers. There is also the option of smaller stoves that come with a sink or two burners.


2. Storage in a Small Kitchen


Small kitchen storage solutions are perfect if your kitchen is becoming claustrophobic or crowded with overhead cabinets.


  • Replace the top cabinets with open storage, so you don't feel restricted.

  • The hanging of shelves and/or pot racks could free up counter space.

  • Make sure you clean the kitchen sink from the "drawers" under the sink that isn't opening.

  • On the inside of your kitchen cabinets, hang a corkboard or an electronic board.

  • To turn your critical kitchen knives, you must replace the countertop block of the knife with the magnetic strip of your knife.

  • Instead of worrying about adding draining boards to your kitchen, try looking for dish racks that fold to the wall, or be compressed when not utilized.

  • Install a metal rack over the island in your kitchen or along the wall, to give the area the look of a professional chef's kitchen (if there is room) and a breakfast counter

  • Remember that keeping clutter at a minimum is crucial to making the most of your storage space in a cramped kitchen design.

3. Create illusions using color


Coastal Living suggests painting everything white in order to create the illusion of a bigger space. This isn't an ideal choice for those who sweat while cooking or baking, as there will be a lot of cleaning. Kitchen cabinets that are white and bright walls will appear brighter and larger.


Incorporate wood and wicker accents to the white kitchen style, according to Coastal Living. To create a more bright look, choose stools with wood legs that are light. A light fixture made from woven wicker (or baskets) is a distinctive accent to the kitchen.


4. Think about the design of your kitchen.


If your kitchen isn't big enough to accommodate galley kitchen designs, a one-wall design kitchen is a good alternative. One-wall layouts are the perfect option to maximize space.


The fridge, sink, stove, cabinets, and counters are all arranged on the same wall in single-wall kitchens. This wall can house everything you need in your kitchen.


5. Create a mood board


It is easier to conceal flaws or to separate styles from larger kitchen layouts, just like for any other large room of your house. This is more difficult for small kitchens and with limited design options.


Make a mood board of things you're thinking of to help in this challenge. Include the materials you'll need for your countertop surfaces, cabinetry, fittings, and flooring, along with lighting and color schemes.


It is possible to get an idea of how the items will look in your kitchen by taking a look at the samples and samples. Additionally, keeping the kitchen fixtures and cabinet hardware the same style and color helps to create a cohesive overall appearance and style.

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