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Is your AC not keeping you cool? Try these hacks

Feb 2

Do you feel the idea of an air conditioning system cooling your body makes you sweaty? Here are some ideas for staying cool, saving cash, and even putting away the old air conditioner.


Google according to Google, running one window air conditioner all summer long will cost you around $300. So, which room do you want to choose? What is the layout of your bedroom? This could be your home office. What about your living space? Is your family gathered around the hot, dripping, loud appliance when the season is over? Do you hear a constant groan about the cold temperatures in the house and how Heating and cooling Colorado Springs have done everything right?

So, what's your goal FOR SURVIVAL?

CFLs or LEDs are the best way to take them. Here's (another) reason if you needed one. About 90% of the CFLs' energy is lost as heat. While LEDs and CFLs have a minimal impact on the temperature in your home, they do aid in reducing electricity usage.


  • Inhale some fresh air. Open your windows at night. A fan can be used to produce white noise in areas with a lot of noise. However, it will work better than an air conditioner. It's also possible to enjoy the sounds of peepers and crickets when you're sleeping if you live in a rural location. They'll be sure to soothe you to sleep.

  • Shut the curtains. The coolest air in the morning. But when the sun rises and temperatures begin to rise, you should close the curtains. When your home has absorbed the coldest air it can, shut your windows and open the blinds to keep it warm. Even though it seems contradictory but your afternoon self will appreciate it.

  • Take a break from the stove and lounge near the fireplace. It's not a great way to end the day by cranking up a huge appliance to 350 degrees in the home.

  • The freezer will give you chills. Before going to bed, put those new cotton sheets into the freezer for just a couple of minutes. Enjoy a fresh cool, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Airflow can be utilized in innovative ways. You could be mistaken If you thought that fans were only for blowing air. Get all of the hot air from the window box fan by turning it around. If you put windows next to each other and the hot air is drawn out, it will be pulled out and cool air drawn in. Experiment with different setups to discover what's most effective within your space. You might even get the gold standard -- across breeze -- if you're lucky.

  • Return to your roots. To the left of the fan, but the large bowl or roasting pan full of ice. The breeze will move the cold air with you. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning and it was effective!


Do you wish to reduce one quart? "Fill it up," says the narrator. Your body needs water to keep cool, so it is essential to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. It's normal for your body to sweat.

Shower with ice-cold water. It is energizing, it conserves energy, and studies have shown that it can improve productivity.

Unplug. It is much better to disconnect electronics than just turn off the lights at night. This will lower the temperature of your home and allow you to save cash on electricity.


These tips will ensure that you are cool even when temperatures rise to over 80 degrees. However, take note of the big image. Take advantage of the savings to plant trees and vines around your home or to make awnings that can be placed over your windows. Although $300 might seem like a lot during the summer, keep in mind that, collectively, we can make a significant impact on excessive energy consumption.

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