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5 Reasons to buy a used family car

May 7

As your family grows, you'll likely look for a new family car. Maybe you want something that is reliable, spacious, efficient and safe. And when it comes to getting a family car, you have two main options - buy a brand new car or buy a used one.

We will not talk about buying a brand new car here. Instead, we will find out why getting a used family car can be an excellent choice for you.

  1. Big Savings

We can't emphasize this enough that getting a used family car can cut a big chunk of your cash disbursement compared to buying a brand new car. There are many great deals available for SUVs, vans and sedans that you could choose from. But of course, you should also do your due diligence on checking and testing the vehicle and making sure that it is still in excellent running condition. Also, finding a reliable dealer is key to getting the best deal. At Cars 24, we'll help you find the right car for your needs.

  1. Avoid High Depreciation

The prices of new cars can drop as much as 30 percent in the first year alone due to depreciation. This means that if you bought a brand new car for BHT 1,000,000, at the start of the second year, its value could possibly drop to BHT 700,000. So if you decide to sell your car, its market value is about this amount only. The depreciation on the initial year is really hefty.

When you buy a used family car, you can avoid this high depreciation. So when you get a car that is only a few years old, you can enjoy it as almost new but with a significant savings in the price tag.

  1. A wide range of options to choose from

When you shop around for a brand new car, at first glance the price may seem acceptable and affordable. However, the base price only includes the basics. Once you consider upgrading or adding more options and features, the price could easily go higher and higher. 

You can avoid unpleasant surprises when buying a used family car. The car that you are seeing is already what it is. The upgrades and additional options are already there and paid for by the original owner.

When you visit Cars 24, you will be amazed at the wide variety of cars you can get for your limited budget. And these cars still perform well, we can assure you that. It's important to note as well that some car models can last for many years and can run for 300,000 kilometers or even more. You don't have to worry if the car is already several years old. As long as they are well-maintained and have low mileage, they can still perform well and deliver a stress-free driving experience.

  1. Gives you more flexibility on your budget

Since the price tag is significantly reduced when you get a used family car, this allows you more flexibility on your budget. If you still have enough funds, you can add more upgrades or add other bells and whistles to customize the car for your needs. Common upgrades include adding a roof rack or bike rack so that you can have more loading capacity during your trips.

  1. Lower insurance cost

With how car insurance works, the premium you'll pay will also depend on the value of the car. And with up to a 30-percent reduction on the car cost on the first year as a result of depreciation, you could also get a much lower premium. Just make sure to do your job at shopping around to get the best insurance quote before making a decision. 


When you say used family car, it does not necessarily mean headache, repairs and car problems. There are a lot of uses cars out there that are good as new or are in excellent running condition. With this in mind, there are many reasons why it's a good choice to consider buying a used family car. So before you decide to get a brand new one, check the five reasons we've listed above, and you may be convinced to look for a used car.