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Feb 10

Innovative Singapore Corporate Gifts Ideas for Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the trend towards remote work, and has transformed the way that companies communicate with employees. As remote work is becoming the norm, businesses face new challenges when it comes to developing a solid organizational culture as well as engaging employees. Corporate gifts in Singapore are a great method to increase morale of employees as well as show appreciation and retain a connection with remote employees. Here are some innovative Singapore corporate gifts for remote teams to create an environment that is positive to keep the employees happy and enthusiastic.


Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery is an excellent option to let your employees know that you appreciate your work and personal brand. Think about purchasing a custom-made pen notebooks, notepads, and notebooks that include each employee's name or initials. These items will not only serve as a way of making notes or writing down thoughts, but they can also serve as an opportunity to show the appreciation your company has for their dedication to work.


Personalized laptops & Work from Home Kits

As remote work is becoming more widespread, employees should have the appropriate technology and devices to complete their work efficiently. By investing in custom laptops, and upgrading the employees' existing equipment will help in expressing your gratitude for their efforts. It is also possible to create your own "Work at Home Kit" which includes the essentials such as the ergonomically designed mouse pad, comfy chairs as well as standing desks.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Food is a way to bring people together and can be a great way for people to connect, even when working from home. Think about arranging cooking classes online in which employees learn to cook up new dishes as well as share recipes and make friends with colleagues. This can not only help create relationships, but will also give employees something to enjoy beyond work.

Opportunities for Professional Development

Making investments in the professional development of your employees is the best opportunity to show your gratitude and assist them in growing within their professions. Give online webinars, training sessions, and online courses that assist employees to develop new skills and increase their understanding. This will keep your employees engaged and engaged and ready to face new challenges.

Customized Care Packages

Care packages are a wonderful opportunity to let your employees know you're thinking of their needs and provide an extra sense of relaxation during these stressful moments. Make customized care packages that contain healthy snacks, comfortable socks, aromatherapy candles and other things that aid employees in relaxing after a tiring day at work. It is also possible to include personal notes by the business or any employee to give an individual touch to the present.

Virtual Happy Hour

Remote work can cause feelings of disconnection and loneliness that's why it's crucial to provide occasions for employees to connect and connect. You could consider arranging virtual happy hours in which employees can talk and drink drinks, and meet up with colleagues. It's a great method to increase morale and promote an atmosphere of positivity at work.

In the end, giving corporate gifts Singapore is a great method of showing gratitude, strengthen relationships and create a positive work environment, especially in this age of remote working. These ideas are just one of many innovative ways you can present gifts to your employees, and make them feel valued, respected and connected even when they work at home. Gary Vaynerchuk states, "Your employees are your most valuable asset and making sure they are taken care of is your primary concern." Therefore make sure you put your money into your staff and witness your remote workforce prosper.