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Jun 20

Are you still struggling with your company's shipping process and operations? If yes, it is time to get a reliable transportation management system software from MessageXpress to assist you. Our transportation solution is ideal for small and large transportation companies and will significantly simplify your operations and help you meet your customers’ expectations. Here are reasons why you should use our solutions to take your shipping company to the next level.

Our Solutions Are Easy-to-Use

With many transportation solutions in the market, it is hard to know which one is right for your company. Some solutions are difficult to use, while others are not. So when searching for a transportation solution to streamline your supply chain and meet your customers’ expectations, consider easy-to-use software. Choose software with a simple interface, allowing your administrators and dispatchers to enter and transfer data/information more quickly. MessageXpress offers easy-to-use trucking accounting software and transportation management solutions. 

We Offer Customer Support 24/7

Management software and solutions can develop issues at any time. And the developer or supplier of the solution should be available to fix the issues to prevent downtime and unexpected losses. MessageXpress is a trusted company offering trucking management software and 24/7 customer support services. If the solution develops an issue, you just need to contact us, and we will fix the problem within the shortest time possible. This will prevent downtime that can slow down your operations and even ruin your company’s reputation. 

Affordable Transportation Management Solutions

At MessageXpress, we offer a wide range of Transportation Management Services like EDI Van, TMS, warehousing solutions, and customized solutions. Our solutions are well-priced to ensure shipping companies don’t spend much of their revenue on technology. They also come in packages, so you can purchase or pay for what you need at that specific time. You can contact us or visit our website to learn more about the solutions and pricing.  


You want to buy a Transportation Management Solution that can grow with your shipping company. And that is what we offer. Our solutions come with different features, and we upgrade them over time, offering your company extra customizability. So when your shipping company adds more services, the TMS or EDI software will scale right alongside it. So you don’t have to get other solutions or do an overhaul of your systems when your company grows. All you need is to upgrade the software. We can also offer customized solutions to meet your unique transportation management needs as your company grows.