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IBC Mixer Benefits

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer are used to mix a variety of liquid formulations in Intermediate Bulk Containers. These large plastic containers are often found in manufacturing and distribution centers where bulk material is stored and pumped to other locations for use. IBCs have a 6 inch opening in the center of their top surface and an integral shipping pallet base to allow them to be moved easily with forklifts.

Mixing a batch of liquids in an IBC can be difficult and labor intensive. IBC agitators, also called tote mixers, are designed specifically for this purpose. These tote agitators mount to the center opening of industry standard IBCs and provide rapid mixing for a variety of fluid formulations. These IBC mixers can also be mounted to the side of a tote, or directly coupled to an electric motor to make them more versatile for use in confined spaces.

Tote mixers are available in a range of sizes to fit most common IBC tank openings. The most popular model is the Ibc anti-contamination mixer which features collapsible turbines to fit through a standard 6 inch opening in most IBCs. A mounting bracket secures the tote mixer to the tote for easy attachment and removal.

This IBC tote agitator is suitable for use with a wide range of liquid formulations including paint, chemicals and liquid food products. The IBC mixer has an adjustable blade speed control to match the blending requirements of different recipes. In addition, the ToteMaster can be fitted with a low-level kicker impeller to help prevent product settling. This option is recommended for IBC's filled with heavier, dense liquids like industrial polymers used in plastics or adhesives, epoxies, zinc-rich primers, and commercial coatings that are used for protection against corrosion.

Other types of IBC tote agitators are available for sanitary mixing of food-grade liquids in large industrial containers. These tote agitators can be operated with compressed air or nitrogen gas, so they are safe for use with food-grade ingredients. The efficient vertical 'bottom-up' mixing process of these tote agitators mixes the liquid quickly at any level in the container and does not entrain any air into the product.

If your company regularly processes powder formulations that require liquid addition, consider an IBC tote blender with a patented liquid addition system. This system allows you to quickly and easily swap between multiple powder recipes without any downtime or mess. This type of IBC blender also enables you to test the blend by using near-infrared spectroscopy to confirm that the mix is homogenous. These tote blenders can be operated manually, powered by an electric motor, or pre-wired with an ATEX certified explosion proof motor for use in a hazardous location.