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Benefits of the IBC Tote Mixer

Mar 23

IBC Tote Mixer is a portable mixer designed to easily mix ingredients in an IBC tote container. These tote agitators are ideal for mixing products with high density or viscosity. They are often used in agriculture applications to mix pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals for use on the farm or in the field.

These tote agitators are equipped with an air drive motor that is powered using compressed air or gas (nitrogen or CO2) to allow for easy operation with no electrical connection needed in Digital Drive Modes. The operator is able to adjust the mixer speed and power to suit the application. IBC tote agitators are available in a variety of sizes and with various impellers to suit fluids of different viscosity.

The BGTC-200T is the most powerful standard IBC tote mixer we offer and is perfect for use on heavier formulations with a viscosity up to 3,000 cps. This model features a heavy-duty bracket that mounts to the top of the tote cage using ergonomic toggle clamps for easy attachment and removal. It can also be ordered with forklift channels or a lifting bracket to make it easier to move the tote around once it is mounted.

EvenMix's IBC tote mixers have been used for many applications in the farming industry including liquid agitation, silage storage and poultry chick brooders. The aerospace engineering design of the IBC tote mixer blades allows for true mixing capabilities and helps to ensure that agricultural chemicals are mixed evenly and consistently throughout the tank.

One of the most common reasons people need IBC tote mixers is to re-blend and re-homogenize liquids that have separated or settled during storage. This can be due to particle size or the addition of additives and other ingredients to a standard liquid blend.

The non-shear large bubble IBC tote mixer process is perfect for re-homogenizing liquids in corrugated bag in box liquid totes, polyurethane foam insulated totes or other types of plastic liners that have lost their initial consistency. The air mixing process is gentle enough to not damage the liners or change the characteristics of the liquid being mixed.

IBC tote mixers are also ideal for re-suspending solids in Schutz style totes. These totes are typically 275 gallons and feature a 6 inch opening in the center of the lid for accessing the contents. The IBC tote mixer blade folds down and passes through the 6 inch opening in the Schutz style tote lid. Once inside the tote, the blade unfolds and mixes the contents thoroughly.

The tote agitator is also very easy to remove once the mixing job is complete. It is powered by compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide and is a great option for mixing in agriculture for applications such as silage storage or to mix and distribute livestock feed. The toggle-type switch located in the electrical junction box makes it easy to turn off and on. This eliminates the need to reach into the dangerous area of the tank and avoids tripping hazards that are common with other electric models.



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