A 3rd of Publish Workplace ATMs to close

There are currently around 2,000 free-to-use ATMs at post offices, but at the moment they aren’t actually owned or operated by the Post Office – they belong to its banking partner, the Bank of Ireland. 

But the ATMs will be handed over to the Post Office starting from next year. And while it will keep 1,400 cash machines open and says it’s investing £16 million to maintain them, around 600 will be shut in a phased approach. 

The Post Office says it has reviewed each ATM and considered factors such as how often it’s used and how nearby it is to other free cash withdrawal services. Of the 1,400 machines being kept open, almost 60 aren’t commercially viable but are being kept because they’re a long distance away from other free cash facilities. 

And if your local Post Office cash machine is being closed, you’ll still be able to withdraw cash over the counter in the post office itself. 

Earlier this month the Government announced new proposals to protect access to cash in the UK, including letting people get cashback from shops without buying anything. 

See our Little known ways to bank at the Post Office blog for more info on using essential banking services at the Post Office. 

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