A whole lot of BP prospects will obtain £ 2,000 prize winnings after successful the competition – however you need to declare it

How does the competition work?

The BP Fuel Your Year promotion offers customers who swipe their BPMe rewards card or app when purchasing from a BP store – this may apply to fuel and certain items sold in garages (e.g. lottery tickets and tobacco are excluded) – Chance of a daily raffle worth 400,000 points.

Points are worth £ 2,000 and can be spent on fuel or other purchases at BP stations, as well as purchases from BP partner retailers, including Amazon and M&S, or donated to charity.

The promotion started on January 5th, 2021 and runs until March 2nd, 2021, with one winner per day – so there should be a total of 57 winners.

What went wrong?

BP says "for a limited time" on the first morning of the promotion, some customers were given receipts showing that they automatically won the prize instead of simply entering the raffle.

So far, around 400 people have contacted BP after being falsely told they won – although the actual number could be much higher as BP only knows the details of those who have already got in touch. We have seen reports of the bug in forecourts as far apart as Watford and Stirling.

BP says the bug was caused by a third party and that it stopped as soon as it was discovered. The promotion will continue through March, however, with a daily winner despite some teething troubles at the start.

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