AA, Financial institution of Eire and Put up Workplace bank card clients complain of issues after switch to Jaja

What is causing the problems?

Jaja has said that most of the problems arise from people trying to register for its app, but using different details to the ones they used when they initially signed up for their credit card – for example, if they’ve changed their name or address since then. If someone tries to sign up for the app using their new details, they’ll be unsuccessful. 

Some customers have also reported seeing duplicate transactions in their app, though Jaja says this was an administrative issue that took place for 24 hours. It says nobody has been double-charged and the issue should now be fixed.

Jaja says there are no broader problems, but we’ve heard some customer say they’ve also faced long wait times when they’ve tried to contact Jaja’s customer service.

I’ve had problems – what should I do?

To make your registration as smooth as possible, Jaja says you should provide the mobile number associated with your credit card account and make sure you enter your details exactly as they appear on your credit card (including titles, any middle names or initials and spaces).

It says that if you’ve changed your phone number, address or other personal details and this is preventing your registration, you may need to speak to its customer service team. Beware, Jaja’s customer service number is an 0345 one, so it may cost you to call it. Check with your phone provider first.

You shouldn’t lose money as a result of the problems but if you do find yourself out of pocket, keep a note of exactly what you lost.

Jaja adds that if cardholders have had issues with the app, they can manage their account online or via customer services. 

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