Asda and Sainsbury’s increase worth of many supply slots in on-line groceries shake-up

Asda customers must now pay an extra £1 for the supermarket’s most expensive delivery slots, and vulnerable shoppers will have to start paying for deliveries, while Sainsbury’s has completely rejigged its pricing structure –  the price of its cheapest one-hour delivery slot has quadrupled and is now £2, though some slots will also be getting cheaper. The announcements come after Tesco axed its cheapest delivery slots earlier this summer.

We’ve full info on what’s happening and how to bag the cheapest delivery prices below – for much more help on how to cut the cost of your weekly shop, see our Supermarket Shopping Tips.

How is Asda changing online delivery prices?

Asda has increased its fees for deliveries since last Thursday (12 November). There are two key changes:

  • Slots now cost between £1 and £7, up from between £1 and £6. The cost of individual slots depends on the day, time and store.
  • Vulnerable shoppers now have to pay for delivery, and Asda’s standard surcharge on smaller orders. Earlier in the coronavirus crisis, those who are considered vulnerable were given priority deliveries until 31 March 2021.

    Until 1 November, these shoppers had been eligible for free deliveries with no minimum order threshold. However, they must now pay Asda’s standard delivery fees, while Asda’s £3 minimum delivery surcharge – which you must pay if you order is under £40 – now applies to vulnerable shoppers too. 

Asda won’t tell us how many customers will pay more for delivery as a result, or what the average price increase is. But it has said that millions use its online delivery service, and 190,000 vulnerable or self-isolating shoppers have received free deliveries so far this year. 

The supermarket’s also said it’s axing its recurring delivery slots between 19 December and 2 January 2021. These slots are usually reserved for regular shoppers who book a delivery for the same time and day each week, but the two-week break means those customers will now have to battle to secure delivery slots over the busy festive period. 

Here are a few of the comments we’ve seen from Asda shoppers on social media:

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