British Gasoline to tackle Simplicity Power’s 50,000 clients

Energy regulator Ofgem has appointed British Gas Evolve – the big-name supplier’s online-only brand – to supply Simplicity Energy’s 50,000 customers, with the switchover already underway, having started on Sunday 31 January.

If you were with Simplicity Energy, your gas or electricity supply will not be cut off and is already being provided by British Gas Evolve, and any credit you have will be protected. British Gas Evolve is in the process of getting in touch with all those affected.

We don’t yet know what tariff Simplicity Energy customers will be moved on to, but Ofgem says it’s best you don’t switch away yet anyway, and instead wait until British Gas Evolve has confirmed the transfer is complete and your new account has been fully set up – which usually takes a few weeks at least. This is so you avoid any issues as the new supplier will be trying to automatically port everyone over.

Once your account is fully set up with British Gas Evolve, use our free Cheap Energy Club to see if you can save by switching.

What tariff will British Gas Evolve put me on and is it any good?

We’re still chasing for exact details and the rate card, but British Gas Evolve has told us that you’ll be placed on a tariff called ‘Simplicity Promise’, which will cost on average £1,041/yr on typical dual-fuel use – the same price as British Gas’s standard tariff and just £1 under the current energy price cap.

In comparison, the cheapest tariff on the market right now is E.on at £925/yr on the same use, including £25 Cheap Energy Club cashback – £116/yr cheaper than your new British Gas Evolve tariff. What’s more, on Friday we’re expecting Ofgem to announce an increase to the price cap, which will take effect in April, so it’s possible your new tariff could see a price hike in just a few months.

However, your new tariff won’t have exit fees, so once British Gas Evolve has confirmed you’ve been transferred across and your account is all set up, you can find another deal.

How do I do a comparison to check whether the tariff is any good? 

The honest answer is you can’t right now. British Gas Evolve has not published the tariff rate card, which is what comparison sites feed in so they then can assess prices.

So while you can use our free Cheap Energy Club to find your cheapest provider from the open market, it won’t be able to tell you if it’s cheaper than your new British Gas Evolve tariff yet, as we don’t know the exact rates yet (prices vary regionally, so this can be complex). As soon as we get the rate card and the info into Cheap Energy Club, we will update this article so you know you can do a proper comparison (if you use other comparisons, you may not be told this, so be careful).

I was in credit/debit with Simplicity Energy – will I get it back?

British Gas Evolve will honour all credit balances. You can continue to use this to offset future energy use, or request a refund.

Ofgem says if you owed Simplicity Energy money, you should wait to hear from Simplicity Energy’s administrators or from British Gas Evolve. You’ll need to repay any debt on your account that you’ve accrued up to Sunday 31 January to Simplicity Energy, its administrator or to British Gas Evolve.

What if I’d already started to switch to/away from Simplicity Energy?

If you were in the process of switching away from Simplicity Energy at the point it stopped trading, the switch should continue as normal – there’s nothing you need to do.

Similarly, if you were in the process of switching to Simplicity Energy, you’ll be moved over to British Gas Evolve. Once that completes, assuming we have all the details over from British Gas Evolve, you can do a Cheap Energy Club comparison to find a new cheap deal.

What if I’ve already cancelled my direct debit with Simplicity Energy?

If you did, British Gas Evolve will be in touch to reinstate it over the next few weeks.

If you haven’t cancelled your direct debit with Simplicity Energy, it should be moved over when you are fully transferred to British Gas Evolve.

If you need any further support, there’s a comprehensive set of FAQs on the British Gas Evolve and Ofgem websites.

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