Can I trip overseas if I’m on the highest tier of coronavirus restrictions (e.g. Tier three in England)? What it’s essential know

Around 34 million people in England are currently on Tier 3 restrictions after those who live in London and parts of Hertfordshire and Essex were upgraded to the top tier this morning, leaving many confused about whether they are taking any planned holiday abroad over the Christmas period can.

The guidelines on the government website are unclear and we have tried hard to get a clear answer on what you can and cannot do. You can find all the information below. For full details on cancellations, refunds, and more, check out our Coronavirus Travel Rights Guide.

Can I vacation abroad if I am in Tier 3 in England?

The rules on the website for Tier 3 areas are ambiguous and state, "In a Tier 3 area, avoid traveling outside of your area. If you need to travel abroad, see the Foreign, Commonwealth travel advice and Development Office for your destination and the list of travel corridors. "

And the confusion about it was sparked last month when Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said of people in Tier 3 areas, "If you go straight to an airport and overseas, there are of course restrictions. But other than that, you can do that." As a result, it was reported in many publications that you can take a vacation if you live in Tier 3. For example, The Independent stated that "international travel is allowed from Tier 3 locations".

We asked two government departments if those in Tier 3 were allowed to attend foreign holidays. The Ministry of Transport referred us to the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The Department of Health and Welfare didn't give us an official explanation, but ended up telling us two things – it said that the government says that people shouldn't take a foreign vacation if they live in Tier 3, but it also told us that the government legal says you can vacation abroad as long as you adhere to the following additional rules:

  • If you are traveling through other levels as part of an extended trip, continue to follow the Tier 3 rules. You are not allowed to stay with someone you don't live with or visit elsewhere in the UK (unless you share a support bubble).
  • When traveling overseas, be sure to check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Deveopment Office travel advice for your destination and the list of travel corridors.
  • You can travel to other airports outside of your plane, but certain airports may have their own restrictions.

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