Contactless card cost restrict may improve to £ 100 on new plans

The contactless card limit was raised from £ 30 to £ 45 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, and people have been increasingly using contactless payments since then, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is now being discussed how this limit can be raised further, although it is not yet clear whether this will definitely happen and, if so, when it will come into force.

The current contactless card limit of £ 45 is three times what it was in 2010. In 2007, contactless cards initially had a limit of £ 10 that you could spend without entering a PIN. This rose to £ 15 in 2010, to £ 20 in 2012 and to £ 30 in 2015.

In comparison, similar contactless payment technologies – like those from Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay – have no cap on transaction costs, although some retailers may set a lower transaction limit of £ 45 to coincide with the contactless card cap.

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