Coronavirus Life-in-Lockdown Assist

In normal times, most (but not all) supermarkets offering delivery passes or ‘savers’ give a guarantee that customers who don’t make back the value of their pass will be refunded or given vouchers.

These terms remain the same or are more lenient during lockdown, so you shouldn’t find yourself out of pocket if delivery slots have been a struggle to find.

Here are your rights if you’ve a delivery pass/saver with any of the main supermarkets:

Tesco Delivery Saver 

On 2 April, Tesco emailed all Delivery Saver customers to confirm it’s suspending subscription fees until further notice. It also refunded half of March’s fee, which varies depending on your plan.

As of 1 July, the service is back up and running for existing Delivery Saver customers. Tesco said it would notify customers before payments were due to start again. At the moment, the scheme isn’t accepting new sign-ups.

If you have Delivery Saver ‘Guarantee eCoupons’ that had been due to expire, don’t worry. Tesco has extended the expiry dates by one year.

Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told us its usual Delivery Pass guarantee still stands. In other words, during your Delivery Pass membership the supermarket will add up the cost of the delivery slots you use. Just before the membership auto-renews or expires, it’ll automatically check to see if you’ve saved – if not, you’ll get an online grocery voucher for the difference.

Morrisons Delivery Pass

Morrisons’ standard terms say Delivery Pass memberships can’t be refunded, unless you change your mind within 14 days of signing up and haven’t used it. Morrisons told us this is still the case, despite the current circumstances.

Asda Delivery Pass

Asda confirms that its usual Delivery Pass terms are still valid at this time. That means if your delivery slots cost less than the pass fee, it’ll refund the difference. This is checked automatically at the end of your pass period, which is six or 12 months.


Within its online coronavirus FAQs, Ocado says it’s happy to refund your Smart Pass for March if you had no March deliveries, or if you pay more than £5.99/month for your Smart Pass and had only one March delivery. If you pay annually or biannually, it’ll refund a pro-rated amount. Ocado also offers the option to donate your refund to one of its foodbank charity partners.

To get your refund or make your donation you’ll need to submit a request online. It could take up to 14 days to be processed.

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