eBay units PayPal for sellers to allow them to be deposited straight into your financial institution – however this will increase the charges

How to cut eBay costs

Unless you accept payments as cash, most sellers will benefit little financially from this restructuring, although the obvious downside is waiting for the payments to be processed as described above.

But one way to beat the new fees is to watch out for eBay sales promotions. Every two weeks or so, the online auction house limits fees for many sellers to £ 1 with the "Sell for a maximum of £ 1" specials. EBay's new higher fees mean these listings are even more lucrative as they now deviate more from fees. The maximum fee of £ 1 was never applied to PayPal fees. For more information, check out our 11 Ways To Improve “Sell For £ 1 Max” eBay Promo Blog.

Many people also liked the fact that they could prevent cash from being deleted from their PayPal accounts and using it as a piggy bank for goodies. If you are, you can replicate this by creating a separate "eBay" bank account. You can find the top offers in our Best Bank Accounts Guide.

If the change means you are no longer using your PayPal account, be sure to close it completely as PayPal will be introducing an inactivity fee of £ 12 per year on December 16 for accounts that have not been used for a year or more will.

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