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Elite Business Live is virtual this year

Elite Business Live, the national business consulting and networking event, has announced that it will bring its annual event online. From March 11-12, 2021, entrepreneurs from across the nation will be able to interact with some of the leading names in UK scale-ups via a completely free live-stream service.

Since events are often a central part of a company's marketing strategy, live events have been sorely missed over the past year. missed at a time when most businesses are under increased pressure to build pipelines and grow when they need it most. In addition to the lead generation and sales advantage events, they also offer much-needed networking opportunities. It is often through the power of live events that you meet that golden nugget contact or hear this advice that changes the direction you are going and that ultimately helps improve your business.

At Elite Business Live, the focus is on bringing to life and delivering the core aspects of live events that can help SMBs in these challenging times but do so virtually. The team worked hard to attract speakers who built their business from the ground up. Speakers who know exactly what it takes to build and scale a business and who want to help you grow your business. Hearing their inspiring stories is just one aspect of the event; Elite Business Live has focused on live Q&A to provide attendees with ample opportunities to network with speakers and panelists and receive their input and advice on key participant vulnerabilities. It is a unique opportunity to access executives and bring their contributions to your company, meet new people and gain new perspectives.

50 sensational entrepreneurs are accompanied by Oli Barrett, the incredible organizer of the event, about their personal journeys and experiences. Oli is voted as one of GQ's most connected men. Often referred to as the hardest-working man in networking, he's even earned an MBE for his business activities. As a serial co-founder, Oli has helped start numerous companies that will rise to any challenge you have. And he's not alone:

Piers Linney will be the keynote speaker on the first day of the Commercial Business Growth Panel, offering attendees in-depth entrepreneurship insights as well as guiding advice to help SMBs with their ambitions to start or grow their business. As an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and former investor in Dragon & # 39; s Den by the BBC, there isn't much of the business world that Piers hasn't seen and his accomplishments and experiences are perfect for any of the vulnerabilities UK business owners currently face.

Piers is the well-trained Michelle Ovens MBE, who shortly after will give the keynote speech for the digital transformation panel on day 1. As the founder of Small Business Britain, the UK's foremost small business advocate, Michelle is one of a select group of people who can tackle any strategic problem and provide insights that can really change the shape of the business. As an unparalleled individual, her unparalleled innovation and ingenuity are sure to provide SMBs with the tools they need to directly greet 2021 and keep their business flourishing.

Those speakers include a phenomenal cast including Eric Partaker, co-founder of Chilango, James Davidson, co-founder of leading dog food subscription service Tails.com, serial entrepreneur Lara Morgan, and co-founder of beverage brand Nix & Kix, Julia Kessler.

The event features a comprehensive program that includes commercial business growth, digital transformation, talent and regulation, financial management, and overseas expansion. The beauty of the virtual format means that attendees can tailor their own journey to hear from the speakers they want. Participants also have the option of participating in interactive breakout sessions, which take place over two days and must be registered separately.

It is fair to say that business in the UK needs to be stronger than ever. It needs to unite and support one another as we address the impact of Covid and the restrictions UK businesses face and are facing. By attending events like Elite Business Live, companies have the opportunity to face their immediate daily challenges, get a bird's eye view of their business, and gain valuable insights from experts who can make a difference and give you the ideas you want need to continue your growth journey.

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