Examine the market with a £ 17.9m advantageous for banning house insurers from providing cheaper offers elsewhere

An investigation by the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) found that Compare the Market's contracts contained clauses that prevented home insurers on their website from offering cheaper offers to other comparison websites.

Michael Grenfell, the CMA's executive director for enforcement, told BBC Radio 4's Today program that she had even found examples of insurance companies trying to offer promotions or discounts on other websites but were prevented from doing so.

The CMA says this has likely resulted in higher home insurance prices for customers – as other comparison sites have been less competitive by offering lower prices, while Compare the Market itself has had less incentive to be competitive in order to get lower prices from insurers .

As this is a complex case, it is unclear how many households were affected or how much more they paid on average – and no refunds are offered to consumers.

If you think you paid too much, the only real option is to seek compensation in court. However, this can be costly and difficult to prove. Especially since Compare the Market refutes the claims, saying that they are "fundamentally" inconsistent with the watchdog's conclusions.

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