Former Utility Level prospects are struggling to get mortgage refunds

You should get the credit back within six weeks of final billing – and if not, you may receive automatic compensation

In recent years Ofgem has introduced new rules for suppliers to ensure that final invoices are sent within a reasonable time and that credit reimbursements are prompt. If a supplier fails to meet these deadlines, you can qualify for automatic compensation based on when you switched to them.

According to Ofgem, if the supplier fails to meet the above deadlines, you should receive automatic compensation within 10 working days. If this is not paid there will be an additional payment of £ 30. However, that's where it stops – you won't receive additional automatic compensation for further delays.

You shouldn't have to do anything extra to receive the compensation – it should be paid to you automatically by the supplier. However, if Utility Point does not pay you any compensation that you may owe, you can go through the formal complaint process to obtain it.

I owe money – what should I do?

If you recently switched from Utility Point, check your final bill to see if you owe a refund. If this is not paid for within 10 working days, you will need to contact the supplier directly.

If you think the company has not handled your issue properly, you can file a formal complaint directly with the supplier or use the free Resolver * tool to manage your complaint.

If you are dissatisfied with the solution or have not heard anything for eight weeks, you can refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, an independent body that handles disputes between consumers and energy companies.

What does utility point say?

A spokesman for Utility Point pointed out that the company had recorded a "very high" absence of employees due to Covid and that it was also under "additional pressure" because it had to provide further support, which was agreed with Ofgem in March . to customers who have financial problems due to the coronavirus.

He said the company had hired more people and allowed more people to answer customer calls from home.

He continued: "In addition, a large number of customers have switched to another supplier in a relatively short time via an automatic switchover point. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of billing and the processing of a final takes some time to invoice and possibly a subsequent refund for these customers, but we'll work our way through this asap.

"We will approach every single result accordingly and we are aware of our obligations."

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