Free flu jabs to be provided to all over-50s from December

Usually, only those aged 65 or over can get a free flu jab, along with young children and those of any age who meet certain eligibility criteria – see below for a full list.

But from 1 December, free flu vaccinations will be available for 50 to 64 year-olds more widely. You can get your jab from your GP or pharmacy, and everyone who is eligible is being urged to take their free vaccination. 

This is part of the rollout of a wider flu vaccination programme this year – and anyone who was already eligible for a free jab can still get one. The Government says there is enough supply of the flu vaccine to vaccinate 30 million people this flu season. 

See our Cheap & Free Prescriptions guide for more way to cut the cost of prescriptions, medicines and the flu jab. 

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