Funeral administrators have been requested to cite costs prematurely to forestall weak folks from being scammed

  • An obligation for all funeral directors and crematorium operators to disclose prices so that customers can make more informed decisions.

  • Information must be provided in advance before a customer commits to purchase a service so that customers know the price and key terms and conditions – for example, if a deposit is required.

  • Customers should be made aware of the funeral director's relevant business, financial, and commercial interests, and certain practices – such as payments that can encourage hospitals, nursing homes, or hospices to refer customers to a specific funeral director – are prohibited.

  • A recommendation to the government to put in place an independent inspection and registration system to monitor the quality of funeral services as a first step in establishing a more comprehensive regulatory regime for funeral services.

Most of the conclusions are orders, so the industry must adhere to them, but the final bullet above is a recommendation to the government. So it is up to the government whether they comply with them.

It's also worth noting that while this was a UK research, some of the conclusions may be different in implementation due to decentralized governments.

What does the CMA say?

Martin Coleman, Chair of the CMA, said: "Organizing a funeral is often very stressful and people can be particularly at risk during this time. Therefore, our resources are designed to help people make the right decisions for them and to ensure that they are confident. " that your loved one is in good hands.

"The CMA will be closely monitoring this sector to ensure that our remedial actions are properly implemented and to determine if further action is needed when conditions become more stable."

A Justice Department spokesman said, "Losing a loved one is a painful time for families and the government is determined to do everything possible to relieve them.

"We will examine this report carefully and respond in due course."

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