GameStop is up one other 30% within the pre-market to $ 450 whereas the mania continues

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GameStop surged again, surpassing $ 450 apiece on the Thursday prior to launch as the Reddit-fueled retail momentum continued to accelerate.

The shares of the stationary video game retailer were able to make up the losses in overnight trading and recently rose by 31% to USD 451.10 in premarket trading. The move followed a high volume rally of more than 130% on Wednesday and increased earnings to 466% since the start of the week. The stock was worth about $ 40 a week ago.

GameStop was a brand new target on the Reddit Wallstreetbets chat room, where an army of retail investors came together to drive stocks higher and displace hedge funds short selling. The forum, which now has more than four million members, was briefly privatized Wednesday night as moderators said they could "not ensure Reddit's content policy".

A trending post on Thursday said, "Don't be afraid of $ GME $ BB falling. Hedge funds are trading by the hours to scare you all … BUY AND HOLD." The post quickly drew more than 1,000 comments in an hour.

Another top post in the community said "Buy high, never sell" and featured a photo from GameStop.

Some of the avid Reddit users have shared screenshots of their brokerage accounts showing tremendous returns from trading GameStop and other names.

"The action in GameStop stock is a game of musical chairs, and I advise investors to sell before the music stops," said David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs. "As moody as the retail mob was to pick GameStop as one of their favorite stocks, they could also be moody about when to drop the stock."

The Reddit crowd targeted other heavily shortened names including Bed Bath & Beyond and AMC Entertainment.

AMC climbed 300% on Wednesday alone, bringing its weekly rally over 450%. In the previous session, more than a billion shares changed hands in AMC, marking the highest volume day of all time. Bed Bath & Beyond is also up 75% this week. The duo gave way in premarket trading on Thursday.

The extreme speculative behavior of rookie investors worries many on Wall Street as rising losses from hedge funds could spill over into other areas of the market. Some also believe that this buying frenzy could hurt overall market confidence and destabilize conditions.

The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered their largest loss since October on Wednesday as concerns about the mania deepened.

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