Greater than 85,000 common credit score claimants might see funds rise from at the moment after rule change

How has the system changed?

The DWP was ordered to fix the issue in June after four single mums highlighted the situation in a case at the Court of Appeal and won. The changes come into force today (16 November).

What this means now is that if two payments come in the same month, one will be moved to a different assessment period.

Claimants won’t need to do anything to make this happen, but it’s recommended they tell their work coach in advance via their online journal if possible.

The change also won’t affect the actual day you are paid by your employer, it will just effect the way it is recorded by the DWP.

Unfortunately, the changes will only apply to employees who are paid monthly, so it won’t help those who are paid weekly or fortnightly to budget – we’ve asked the DWP if they have any plans to improve things for these people.

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