I am self-employed however confused about whether or not I can declare that my enterprise is adversely affected by coronavirus

If you’re anything like me when I set up MoneySavingExpert, no one knows your business better than you do – you’re probably aware of every little change and trend. Before we even get to the technicalities, the start point here is, can you put your hand on your heart and say your business has been negatively impacted by coronavirus, and you are in a worse position than you would’ve been if it hadn’t happened? If the answer is yes, then in the vast majority of cases you should feel comfortable signing the declaration and getting the grant if you’re eligible.

HMRC is not looking to try to catch people out who are making honest declarations. So even if you’re working all hours and bringing some money in, if your business isn’t where it should be and coronavirus is to blame, then you’re entitled to say yes to the grant. And the payment isn’t structured to be proportionate to the impact, it’s binary – if you’re due money, you’re due it all; if you’re not, you’re not due a penny.

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