Ikea is extending £ 20 reward playing cards to be distributed by April as a part of the annual Christmas tree promotion

If you've bought a real Christmas tree at Ikea for £ 29 in November or December, the offer we launched on MoneySavingExpert.com will give you a £ 20 voucher that you can purchase between Monday the 18th of December. Can be redeemed at Ikea January and Sunday, February 28th

Given that new restrictions on coronavirus were introduced during the promotion and the voucher can only be issued in-store (and not online), Ikea has extended its validity until Sunday April 18. Ikea's UK stores are currently only open to customers who wish to collect clicks and collect deliveries.

Ikea has also told us that any later or later imposed blocking or further blocking restrictions will be taken into account so that people have enough time to redeem their coupons. For more information on cutting costs at the Swedish furniture seller, check out our blog with tips and hacks on Ikea MoneySaving.

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