Inexperienced Properties Grant prolonged by a 12 months

The scheme, which launched in September and is one of the Government’s flagship Covid-recovery job-creation projects, was due to end on 31 March 2021. But the Government has announced that it’s now set to be extended until 2022. founder Martin Lewis had called for the Government to extend the deadline after consumers reported struggling to find installers to complete the work before the end of March.

For full info on how the scheme works, see our Green Homes Grant guide.

What will the extension mean for the scheme?

Here’s how the extension is set to work:

  • The vouchers will still be worth the same amount under the extended scheme. That means most homeowners will be able to claim vouchers worth up to £5,000, covering up to two-thirds of the cost of the work. Some homeowners who receive certain benefits will be able to get up to £10,000 in vouchers, covering the whole cost.
  • Vouchers under the scheme will now be valid for three months after they’re issued or until 31 March 2022 – whichever is sooner. However, you will be able to request an extension if you can’t use your voucher in time for reasons outside your control.

Other than the new deadline, it appears that the scheme will still work in the same way and the same rules seem to apply. However, we’re checking the detail with the Government to see if anything else has changed, and will update our Green Homes Grant guide with full info as we get it.

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