clients are nonetheless awaiting refunds for package deal excursions

A spokesman for would only say: "We confirm our full commitment and commitment over the past few months to reimburse and support all of our customers and to meet the deadlines agreed with the competition and market authorities.

"We will discuss our commitments directly with the competition and market regulator as agreed on February 10th. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we continue to listen and learn from the feedback from a very small number of readers who participated in Which? – Are involved in the survey. "

You are entitled to a full refund within 14 days if your package tour is canceled

If your package tour is canceled, you are entitled to a full refund in accordance with the Package Travel Policy.

This applies if a package travel contract is terminated either by the provider himself or by the holiday maker, if the performance of the package or the customer's journey to the destination of the package would be significantly impaired by circumstances such as coronavirus.

You have the right to a full cash refund "without undue delay" within 14 days of the end of the contract – although many companies struggled to meet this deadline during the pandemic and we urged consumers to be lenient about where they are can. informed the CMA last year that if additional package tours are canceled on or after Thursday, December 3, 2020, refunds will be paid out within 14 days.

Staying abroad is currently prohibited across the UK due to regional lockdown rules. For more information on your rights, see our Coronavirus travel guide.

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