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MSE’s quick tips to get your money back

The exact process to follow if your booking is cancelled and you want to get your money back will vary depending on the type of booking you have (flight, hotel, package holiday etc).

Before asking for a cash refund, consider if you NEED one. At the moment, many firms are struggling. This means it’s safer to demand a refund rather than settle for a voucher, in case the firm collapses before you can use it. But it’s also worth considering whether you’re in a position to show forbearance.

Having said that, if you’re sure that you do need a cash refund, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Speak to the firm first and use its refund system. Always start this way. Give it a chance – use its systems.

2. If that fails, warn that you’ll take it further. If you can speak to the firm and it isn’t helping, warn it you’ll speak to your card firm (this costs firms – it’s cheaper if they do it themselves, so give them the chance).

3. If the firm won’t give you money back, ask your card provider. Speak to your card provider to ask it to do a chargeback – where it asks the firm’s bank for the money – though some firms may later try to claw this back and you may have to go through a further dispute process.

If this doesn’t work, it’s also worth checking if your travel insurer will cover you. Failing that, your final option would be to take the legal route, perhaps through a county court.

Important! To be eligible for a refund, it’s usually the case that the firm needs to cancel the booking rather than you doing it, as if you cancel, unfortunately there’s no guarantee you’ll get a refund. Plus, you’re unlikely to be covered by travel insurance, providers of which would usually regard you cancelling as a ‘disinclination to travel’.

For full cancellation rights and help, see our Coronavirus Travel Rights guide.

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