Martin Lewis reveals how one can enhance your Nectar Factors to save lots of a whole lot when procuring in Sainsbury

Martin shares how to get £ 184 free on a credit card at Sainsbury’s

On the show that aired last night (February 25, 2021), Martin explained how to use the Amex Rewards Gold Card to spend £ 184 on Sainsbury’s for free.

He said, “If you are accepted for it [the Amex Rewards Gold Card] If you spend £ 3,000 in three months you will get 23,000 Amex Reward Points including a bonus of 20,000 points. I would only do this if your normal monthly expenses – put all of your family expenses on it – are over £ 1,000 per month, which is quite a high amount. If not, it’s no excuse to spend more.

“Now they usually advertise that you can redeem those points for a £ 100 voucher on Amazon, M&S and more, but I have a trick.”

To do the trick you need to do the following:

  1. Convert 23,000 Amex Points into 23,000 British Airways (BA) Avios Points (via Amex Rewards).
  2. You can now exchange 23,000 Avios for 36,800 Nectar Points (via BA’s website).
  3. 36,800 Nectar Points can now be spent as £ 184 at Nectar partners including Sainsbury’s.

Martin reminded viewers to repay the credit cards in full each month so there is no interest. He added that it’s free for the first year but £ 140 / year thereafter. Always cancel after the first year to avoid the fee. For more information on the card, check out our guide to the best cashback credit cards.

The ability to swap Avios for Nectar points and vice versa is a new benefit introduced this year. One viewer wrote on Martin’s show that she had exchanged Avios points to receive £ 600 for her Sainsbury’s purchases. She wrote: “Thank you Martin for making us aware that we can turn Avios into nectar points.

“I’ve now converted our family’s Avios points and spent over £ 600 worth of points on our weekly shop (additional points have yet to be converted). Should mean six weeks of ‘free’ shopping.”

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