Nectar card holders can convert factors into Avios beginning subsequent week

From January 25th, holders of Nectar cards can convert 400 Nectar points into 250 Avios and vice versa. You can convert already collected Nectar Points as well as all future points that you earn from now on. If you convert 1,600 Nectar points before February 14th, you will also receive a bonus of 500 Avios and double Nectar points when you buy from Nectar partners by April 19th.

Using the example above, buyers making 1 point per pound would have to spend £ 400 at retailers with Nectar partners to get 400 points to convert to 250 Avios (the minimum amount you can convert) and £ 1,600 to earn receive nectar points for the Avios bonus.

In terms of Avios points purchase, you need an average of 4,000 Avios for a flight to Amsterdam. That could be the equivalent of £ 6,400 to earn 6,400 Nectar Points (plus £ 17.50 of taxes and fees) – although Nectar says the reality is that most will spend less due to their regular point-enhancing offerings.

However, the program isn't as generous as Tesco's previous Avios partnership, where buyers can convert Clubcard points for 600 Avios at the higher rate of 250 points to Avios that they would have spent £ 250 on. This ended on January 18th. For more information on how the Nectar and Clubcard work, see our guide to increasing loyalty points. For more info on how to grow and maximize Avios, check out our 31 tricks for when you are thinking of trading points.

How to earn nectar points

As part of the Nectar loyalty program, you earn points every time you spend at partner retailers such as Argos, Sainsbury & # 39; s and Esso petrol stations.

The amount you receive varies – at Sainsbury's you typically earn one point for every £ 1 spent. Each nectar point is then worth 0.5p to be spent in Sainsbury's – equal to 500 points so £ 2.50 when shopping. Alternatively, you can increase the value of Nectar points when you spend them with the Nectar reward partners.

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