Netflix is ​​elevating costs for hundreds of thousands as much as £ 24 a yr – what you are able to do about it

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Which customers will see price increases and how much will their bills increase?

Here's how prices will change:

  • The standard pricing plan is set to increase from £ 8.99 / month to £ 9.99 / month (an 11% increase or £ 12 over a year). With this plan, you can watch Netflix in high definition on up to two devices at the same time and download shows on up to two cell phones or tablets.
  • The premium pricing plan is set to increase from £ 11.99 / month to £ 13.99 / month (a 17% increase or £ 24 over a year). With this plan, you can watch ultra-high definition Netflix on up to four devices at the same time, and download shows on up to four mobile phones or tablets.
  • The base pricing plan remains at £ 5.99 / month. This plan allows you to watch standard definition Netflix on only one device at a time and download it to a mobile phone or tablet. It is not affected by this price increase.

When do the price changes take effect?

When exactly the price increases take effect depends on your billing cycle. According to Netflix, prices for existing users will change from February.

Netflix started notifying customers of the change this week and all 13 million customers in the UK will be contacted "in the next few months". You will be given one month's notice before the price starts to rise.

The streaming giant first unveiled the new prices for customers who complete the plans starting December 10, 2020.

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