O2 is rising month-to-month payments 1.four% from April – what it’s good to know

Customers who pay O2 monthly, including SIM-only and mobile broadband customers, will see the following price increases:

  • Have you signed your current contract since January 23, 2014? Prices will increase by 1.4%: Please note that with an O2 update contract where your bill is split into separate airtime and telephone costs, only an increase in the airtime portion of your bill is shown. According to O2, the increase in the most popular update plan is 36p per month.

    This increase is written into O2’s contracts that allow prices to increase each year in line with January’s retail price index (RPI) measure of inflation (as announced in February at 1.4%). O2 had previously told us it couldn’t confirm the hikes until it was told to customers – even though the inflation number has already been released – but now the hike has been confirmed.

  • Did you sign your current contract before January 23, 2014? Prices won’t go up. There is also no price change for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers.

We asked O2 how many customers this change will affect and we will update this story as we know more. If your bill is going to skyrocket and you can’t or don’t want to go, check out our guide to haggling for the best tips on negotiating prices. When you’re out of contract, use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool to find the best deal.

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