O2 refunds 140,000 clients after overcharging them – what you might want to know

If you’ve not had a refund, contact O2

Ofcom says O2 has refunded affected customers it’s been able to reach, in full, for the extra charges they paid, plus an additional 4% in interest. This includes customers who may have since switched provider or closed their account.

But for those customers O2 has not been able to contact, the company has committed to make a donation to charity covering the amount those customers were overcharged by. It has also changed its billing processes to prevent this issue from arising again.

Any customers with evidence they were affected by these billing errors, such as having the same charge twice on your bill, but have not yet been refunded, should contact O2 directly. You can call O2 on 0344 809 0202 or contact it via live chat.

A spokesperson for O2 said: “We are disappointed by this technical error and sincerely apologise to customers impacted.”

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