Plusnet saves its line rental saver – which suggests 10,000 yr olds should pay £ 30 extra per yr

On Monday (February 22), Plusnet stopped offering the option, which was first introduced in 2011, to save line rent. The change means:

  • New customers and existing customers whose minimum contract term ends after February 22nd can no longer receive paid line rentals £ 213.12 for the year upfront (equivalent to £ 17.76 / month).
  • Instead, customers have to pay monthly for the line rental and pay a price £ 20.29 / month (equivalent to £ 243.48 / year) – which is £ 30.36 more over a year.

If you’ve already paid for line rental a year in advance and you are in the middle of that period, nothing will change until the end of the year, and there will be no change in broadband or other home phone prices.

Plusnet wouldn’t tell us exactly how many customers will be affected by the change, but stated that tens of thousands are currently benefiting from the option to save on line rentals. The telecommunications company, owned by the BT Group, says it has replaced the line rental saver with “more flexible and competitive offers”.

Check to see if switching or haggling can cut your bill

If you are a Plusnet customer who is affected by this change, you can only release the penalty after your minimum contract period has expired. However, take the change as a prompt to make sure you get the best deal.

The cheapest broadband offers apply to new customers anyway. So if you don’t meet your minimum contract term, you can probably save by switching. Use our free broadband unbundling tool to find the best deals. Alternatively, when you’re ready to stick with Plusnet, you can try haggling your bills (and taking advantage of the fact that the line rental saver is being cut as haggling ammunition). For tips, see our Broadband Haggling Guide.

Some Plusnet customers have expressed frustration at the growth in the Plusnet forum. One user wrote: “Terribly disappointing news and this results in a significant monthly increase for customers.” Another added: “It was one of the reasons I have been with Plusnet since May 2004. It is certainly not the same place as it was back then.”

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