‘Pushy’ on-line retailers go away individuals with psychological well being issues liable to lockdown debt, says new report

What does MMHPI say?

Helen Undy, Chief Executive of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, said: “Online retail can be a lifeline for people living with mental health problems who may struggle to leave the house, especially during the pandemic. But pushy sites and tempting ‘buy now pay later’ offers  can cause people to spend more than they can afford, risking both their financial and mental health. 

“This is particularly challenging in lockdown, with many of us spending longer online, bombarded by adverts telling us that the latest new thing will make us feel better. At its worst, this can leave people in thousands of pounds of debt, with a single day’s shopping spree causing years of misery.

“With more people facing mental health problems this year, as we approach Black Friday retailers must take action to help customers stay in control. Simple steps, like making it easier for customers to avoid ‘buy now pay later’ options, could help people avoid serious financial harm at this difficult time.”

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