Renter in London? A brand new software allows you to examine in case your landlord wants a licence – and you would be owed £1,000s

Some privately rented homes need a property licence before they can be rented out to tenants, to show that the property is suitable to be lived in and managed to an acceptable standard. But confusingly, different London boroughs have different property licensing rules, which can make it difficult for tenants to know whether their landlord has the right licence.

To help, the Mayor of London’s launched a property licensing checker that lets you see if your rented home needs a licence – though you may still need to do some legwork to find out if your landlord actually has that licence. 

If you do find that your landlord doesn’t have the correct licence, the implications could be huge. You could be due a refund of up to 12 months’ rent – likely £1,000s – while if you’ve received a ‘no-fault’ eviction notice, this will be invalidated.

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