Shell Vitality reaches 112,000 broadband and residential telephone clients with a worth enhance of as much as £ 36 per 12 months

The price increase starts on January 10, 2021 and applies to customers who registered before September 2, 2020. The increase affects 112,000 households, with most of those broadband users affected, although some customers will be affected by both the calling plan and the broadband surge, while Shell Energy says a small proportion will be phone users only. The following happens:

  • Broadband monthly rent increases by £ 2 per month
  • Call plans increases by £ 1 per month
  • Call connection charges a call increases by 3p from 20p to 23p.
  • Call prices to landlines, mobile phones and service numbers in the UK increases by 2p per minute to 15p per minute

There is some good news, however, as around 42,000 customers with copper cables are getting a free upgrade to fiber, if available, which should mean faster broadband speeds. Those who signed up after September 2nd are not affected as they are already informed of the new pricing plans. Customers who do not have a contract also see no price increases.

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Will users be affected?

Earlier this year, signed an awesome deal for Shell broadband customers. While it didn't promise any contract hikes related to inflation, that hike is separate so you're affected. However, as we outline below, you can evade your contract without penalty.

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