Sky to hike broadband, TV and residential telephone costs by as much as £72/yr

TV and broadband price changes will apply to existing Sky customers from 1 April, while home phone prices will change for existing customers as of 1 May. If your bill’s going up, you’ll be notified of the exact increase by email or post between 17 February and 27 March. Sky says affected customers should wait until then to contact it to discuss their options.

New Sky customers will be charged the increased prices from 17 February. To make sure you’re on the best broadband, phone and TV deal, use our free Broadband Unbundled tool.

Bills will rise by up to £6 a month

The change to your bill will depend on what Sky products you have and when you signed-up. Sky says overall that millions will pay more, with the average increase just over £3/month (£36/year). The price rises are capped at £6/month (£72/year), so even if you have lots of Sky products which are increasing in price, your overall bill won’t go up by more than that – Sky says 8% of customers will be hit by the maximum £72/year price rise. 

If you’ve a special offer or discount on your account, whether you’re affected by the price changes – and if so, by how much – depends on your deal. Increases may also vary if you’re out of contract, so you’ll need to wait until your letter or email from Sky arrives to find out how your bill’s changing. But here’s how the standard price of Sky’s packages for those within their minimum contract term are increasing: 

  • The Sky Signature TV package will increase by £1/mth – from £25/mth to £26/mth. 
  • Multiscreen will increase by £1/mth – from £14/mth to £15/mth.
  • Sky HD will increase by £1/mth – from £6/mth to £7/mth. 
  • Sky Ultimate (TV add-on which gives Netflix) will increase by £1/mth – from £4/mth to £5/mth.
  • BT Sport will increase by £2/mth – from £25/mth to £27/mth.
  • Sky Broadband Essential will increase by £3/mth – from £22/mth to £25/mth.
  • Sky Broadband Superfast will increase by £1/mth – from £27/mth to £28/mth.
  • Sky Talk Anytime Extra will increase by £2/mth – from £10/mth to £12/mth. 
  • Sky Talk International Extra will increase by £2/mth – from £12/mth to £14/mth. 

Several packages – Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Talk Evening and Weekends Extra – aren’t changing in price, and Sky Mobile customers aren’t affected by the price rises either.

Most Sky broadband, TV and home phone customers last saw prices hiked in April 2020, although tens of thousands of users whose prices didn’t rise then saw the increase applied from August 2020 instead.  

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