Ted Cruz is struck, however the Individuals are pouring into Cancun

The beaches in Cancun, Mexico were crowded despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Even Senator Ted Cruz admits his decision to vacation in sunny Cancun, Mexico, this week while his home state of Texas suffered record-breaking cold and massive power outages were "obviously a mistake," he told reporters in Houston on his hastily arranged return.

But it turned out that his big mistake was when he went – not where.

While the Republican fire's PR instincts may have been turned off, its travel instincts weren't – at least, according to Expedia Group. In fact, Cancun is the primary destination Americans book flights to through 2021, the online travel agency featured in its Travel Trends Report 2021. And the so-called Riviera Maya south of Cancun, which includes the beach resorts of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, ranks second. (The same study found that 56% of U.S. travelers would like to take a beach vacation this year.)

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This is despite a level 3 travel advisory from the US Department of State urging Americans to "reconsider travel to Mexico due to Covid-19" and a level 4 travel advisory to the country issued by the Centers for Control and disease prevention.

On January 12, the CDC announced an order that passengers flying from abroad should take a Covid-19 test no later than three days before their flight to the United States and that their airline had previously given a negative result or proof of recovery Have to present Covid. It is then recommended that they be retested at home and quarantined for at least a week. Mexico, which has some of the world's loosest border restrictions amid the pandemic, does not need to be tested before visitors arrive.

Despite the arduous tests and quarantines, tens of thousands of Americans have been on vacation south of the border since the last few weeks of 2020. The state of Quintana Roo, home of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, welcomed 961,000 visitors to the Associated Press during that period, and nearly half were from the United States. That's only a 25% decrease from the same time before the pandemic the year before.

Expedia Group, in collaboration with data intelligence firm The Morning Consult, conducted research among 2,200 Americans for the report in December.

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