Teletext Holidays to be investigated as a whole bunch complain they’ve not recieved refunds for coronavirus cancelled journeys

However, the CMA is only at the initial stage of its investigation into Teletext Holidays and it stresses that the probe does not mean Teletext Holidays has done anything wrong at this stage. 

How the case will progress depends on the evidence – this could include the CMA closing the investigation if it believes consumer protection law hasn’t been breached, securing commitments from the company to address any identified concerns, or taking court action.

What does Teletext Holidays say?

A spokesperson from Truly Travel Ltd, who operate the Teletext Holidays brand, said: “Despite the adverse conditions that the travel industry faces and the lack of industry-specific support provided by the government, the business continues to work hard to process refunds as quickly as possible and will work closely with the CMA in order to reach a satisfactory outcome for all our customers as quickly as possible.”

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