Tesco now needs to cancel TV Clubcard Increase in January

Right now you can convert Clubcard points into Now TV credit worth three times their value, so you can convert all 50p into £ 1.50 Clubcard vouchers to spend on Now TV. That makes it one of our top Clubcard offers.

However, this partnership ends on January 31st. After that you can no longer exchange Clubcard vouchers for Now TV credit. Once you have received Now TV credit, it will remain valid until the expiration date stated in the email.

Our guide to Reclaim & Boost Tesco Coupons will tell you how to get the most from your points.

What are the best alternative ways to spend Clubcard vouchers?

Now, TV was one of our top club card boost deals, and we haven't seen any similar boost deals on other streaming services. You can also triple the value with Cineworld (meaning you can exchange 50p in Clubcard vouchers for £ 1.50 for a Cineworld cinema ticket), although it should be noted that Cineworld cinemas across the UK are currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions are.

However, it is worth checking out which other Clubcard Boost offers you can take advantage of as this will take your points much further. If you spend 500 Clubcard points on your purchases at the checkout, you save € 5, while you save € 15 with a Triple Point Boost offer.

Other Top Pick Clubcard Boosts, which are currently worth three times as much as they are currently, are goldsmith vouchers, rail cards and magazine subscriptions. For a full list, see our Top Tesco Clubcard Boosts.

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