Tesco presents Clubcard customers an extra six months to challenge vouchers

If you have a Clubcard, you will receive one point for every pound you spend at Tesco. Points will then be issued as vouchers – you will receive them every three months as part of your Clubcard statement, or you can request that they be added to your account immediately using the "Faster Vouchers" scheme.

Typically these vouchers are only valid for two years after they are issued, or 21 months if issued as faster vouchers. But that has now been expanded:

  • Vouchers expire in August 2020 were extended to February 2021.
  • Vouchers expire in November 2020 were extended to May 2021.
  • Vouchers expire in May 2020 has already been extended to November 2020 – and this expiration date is still pending.

Buyers themselves do not have to do anything – paper vouchers are accepted at the checkout until the later expiration date, while vouchers in the app or online display the new expiry date. Tesco has also extended the expiration date for vouchers that have already been converted into rewards – more information on rewards can be found below.

Please refer to our Reclaim and Boost Tesco Coupon Guide for detailed help and information on how to get the most out of the Clubcard program. Check out our Coronavirus Life-in-Lockdown Help Guide to learn more about what supermarkets are doing during the pandemic.

Why were vouchers extended?

The move to give shoppers a longer period of use on vouchers comes under a second government-enforced lockdown in England from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December while other areas in the UK put their own similar rules in place to have.

Major retailers, including grocery stores, are allowed to stay open, but some shoppers don't want to risk visiting supermarkets to personally issue coupons while others don't want to exchange coupons for rewards they can't use, with movie theaters and restaurants (other than take-out) currently closed in England due to lockdown.

In a similar move, Sainsbury recently allowed Nectar users who did not want to spend in-store reward vouchers to exchange them for double points under pressure from MoneySavingExpert.com's founder, Martin Lewis.

However, you can continue to use Clubcard vouchers online at Tesco as usual.

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