Tesco prospects offended as a result of fuel station funds have been months late

The supermarket says a "technical problem" means certain payments made at a "small number" of Tesco gas stations with both debit and credit cards in October, November and December 2020 were not processed at that time and in some cases they were charged two to three months later.

It's not the first time this has happened at Tesco. In 2018, we reported that months after customers made purchases, Tesco had also made card payments. Read our guide to cheap gasoline and diesel to cut prices and improve fuel efficiency.

Who is affected?

As described above, this issue affects some people who made some type of purchase in certain forecourts between October and December 2020 at certain forecourt – either at the pump or at the kiosk. The problem has now been resolved.

Tesco wouldn't tell us how many people are affected, but we've seen more than a dozen complaints about the problem since mid-December. It also wouldn't tell us which gas stations are affected, although some of the gas stations customers have visited visit one in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and one in Irvine, North Ayrshire, so it doesn't appear to be restricted to any particular area United Kingdom.

The supermarket adds that it has contacted affected customers and told them when the payment will be made. It is said that all payments should be debited now, although there may be delays depending on the card provider.

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