The TV license payment is anticipated to extend by £ 1.50 per 12 months from April to £ 157.50

Blind (severely visually impaired) people are eligible for a 50% discount, meaning their licenses will cost £ 79.50 as of April 1, 2021, an increase of 75p from £ 78.75. Meanwhile, the cost of an annual black and white TV license has increased by 50p, from £ 53 to £ 53.50.

The cost of a TV license is set by the government and announced in 2016 that the price will increase in line with inflation for five years from April 2017. The increases announced today are calculated using an inflation figure of 1.075%, the average consumer price index (CPI) inflation in the year through September 2020.

How to Beat the TV License Price Increase

While you can't beat the price hike (at least if you still need a TV license), some households may put off the hikes:

  • Those who are paying for an annual license to an installment payment program that begins / began before April 1, 2021. If you shop through an installment scheme such as quarterly or monthly direct debits or weekly cash, you will continue to make payments at the current cost of £ 157.50. Once your license needs to be renewed, you pay the higher price. So register before April 1st and you'll still pay the lower price.
  • Those whose license expires before April 1st. If your TV license expires in February or March, renew it before April 1st so you don't pay the increased cost.
  • Those who buy a new license. You should buy it before April 1st if you can to make sure you pay the lower amount.

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Those over 75 must pay for a TV license – unless they have a pension credit

Since August 2020, everyone over the age of 75 has to pay for their TV license – the only exception is when you apply for a pension credit. In this case, you can get your license for free. Read our guide to retirement loans to learn more about what this benefit is and whether you are eligible to receive it.

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