Three for pay-as-you-go clients with a pointy rise in costs from February

Below we explain what happens and how to beat the hikes. You can also find detailed information on reducing your mobile phone costs at home and abroad in our best Pay-As-You-Go-Sim offers and inexpensive manuals for mobile and data roaming.

How are prices changing?

From February 16, 2021, Three's existing PAYG (pay-as-you-go) customers will see an increase in standard prices both in Great Britain and when using the Three-Go-Roam service in European countries:

  • The cost of a call increases to 10p / minute. from 3p / minute (an increase of 7p / minute or 233%)
  • Sending a text costs 10 pence. currently from 2p (8p / text or 400% more)
  • The data cost will also be up to 5p / MBcurrently from 1p / MB (an increase of 4p / MB or 400%)

If these customers use their phone elsewhere in the world except the UK and Europe, the costs will also increase as follows:

  • Sending a text costs 35 penceFrom currently 2 pence (33 pence / text or 1,650% more)
  • The data cost will also be up to 5p / MBcurrently from 1p / MB (an increase of 4p / MB or 400%)

Three believes that the new tariffs "remain extremely competitive," adding that the increase in international roaming tariffs is to keep prices in line with the new standard tariffs for using your phone at home, and not linked to Brexit. It was one of the largest mobile operators that committed to continuing free EU roaming after the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1, 2021.

Which customers will prices rise for?

The February surge affects Three's existing pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers who joined the network prior to March 2020 and are paying standard rates instead of paying for a package. The cellular operator refused to tell us how many people will be affected, but said that all those affected will be contacted. A 2019 financial report by Three shows the network totaled 10.2 million customers in the UK.

New PAYG customers who have registered from March 2020 will already be charged these higher prices.

Three's PAYG add-ons and data plans, which the company says offer better value than standard plans, are not going to change, nor are their monthly pricing.

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