UK travellers may very well be banned from visiting EU international locations subsequent 12 months due to coronavirus restrictions

What if I’ve already booked travel to the EU next year?

If you’ve already booked travel to the EU next year, it’s unclear at this stage if it will go ahead. As above, we need to first wait for the Council of the European Union’s decision, and then whether individual countries will set their own rules for UK travellers. It could also be that pandemic travel restrictions are revised or relaxed before 1 January.

Because of this uncertainty it’s not worth cancelling a future booking yet as you’re unlikely to get your money back, unless you have free cancellation. Generally, full refunds are only given when it’s the holiday provider itself that cancels trips – which may well happen later down the line if it can’t operate services as planned.

Your travel insurance policy may cover you, but many policies focus on whether the UK Government issues advice against travel, so they may not pay out if it’s a foreign country that puts the restrictions in place.

If you’re still struggling to get a refund it’s worth trying to claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if you paid more than £100 on credit card or under chargeback if you paid less than £100 on credit card or you used a debit card, though it’s unclear how successful this will be. 

See our Coronavirus Travel Refunds guide for full help. 

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