Utilita is confronted with a brand new buyer ban after putting in sensible meters, which don’t at all times work when switched

The energy regulator is now deciding whether the company should be forced to install 15,000 new smart meters – so-called second-generation models – by July 31, 2021. These can be installed in new or existing customer houses. However, if Utilita does not meet this deadline, it may be forbidden to acquire new customers.

These proposals will now be consulted until January 4, 2021. According to Ofgem rules that came into force in June 2019, utilities must "take all reasonable steps" to install second-generation models that will continue to work when customers switch to new or replacement smart meters – more on this below.

But Utilita got her way at Ofgem, calling his warning "grossly unfair" and insisting on installing first generation smart meters with the "best interest" of its customers.

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