Vodafone and Three to hit new and renewing pay-monthly prospects with inflation-busting worth hikes subsequent 12 months

If you sign up after the rules change, you’re stuck with the price rise 

If you renew or sign a new Three contract on or after 29 October, or renew or sign a new Vodafone contract on or after 9 December, then you WON’T be able to leave penalty-free if you’re unhappy with this price hike and are still within your contract’s minimum term when it hits.

That’s because the price rise is written into Three and Vodafone’s terms and conditions, ie, you’re warned about it when you signed up and so under Ofcom rules you can’t just up and leave.

If you’re unhappy with the price rise anyway, you can make sure you note down when your contract’s due to end, and start looking for new deals as soon as it’s up – in fact, this is a good thing to do anyway, as when your minimum term’s up it’s sensible to look for a cheaper deal elsewhere or, if you want to stay, haggle with your existing provider. However, bear in mind many telecoms providers regularly raise prices, so the key thing is to compare what you pay with deals offered by rival firms.

Should you renew or sign up to a new deal? Remember, a good price now is still a good price

While being asked to pay more is always annoying, as explained above, most telecoms firms regularly hike prices and above-inflationary hikes are becoming increasingly common – so this news does’t mean you should rule out renewing or signing a new contract with Vodafone or Three. But it’s important to factor it in to your decision.

Any firm could raise prices, and unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball to say which will – we also don’t know for sure how much Vodafone’s prices will rise by as it’s dependant on inflation, so it’s impossible to predict how prices may change. The important thing is to check that you’re getting a good deal now – and if you’ve found one with Vodafone or Three, don’t be put off by this. A good price now is still a good price, even if it’ll go up a little next year.

If you’re an existing Vodafone or Three customer and outside of your minimum contract term, you won’t be affected by this price rise until you renew. But there’s a good chance you can save now by switching or getting a new cheap deal with Vodafone or Three, especially if your original contract involved paying for a handset or you haven’t looked for a better deal for a while, so always check.

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Finally, if you are willing to stick with Vodafone or Three, this may also be an opportunity to haggle a better deal – price rises are always useful haggling ammunition. See our Mobile Phone Haggling guide for detailed tips.

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